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For use with GX and Gear Pumps, these Positive Displacement Units (PDU’s) deliver a precise volume of lubricant at the beginning of each pump cycle. Each unit in the range is stamped with a reference number denoting the discharge volume. The total oil delivery to a system can be further controlled by the pump lubrication frequency.

The system operates intermittently, allowing PDU’s to recharge for the next cycle and operating performance is unaffected by back pressure or air entrapment.

A PDU system can be monitored for correct pressure by installing a pressure switch at the pump or, in large systems, at the end of the line. Functional pressure is measured through the system main line and terminates at the PDU’s. It is possible to monitor the entire systems pipework through PDU’s directly mounted at the bearing entry point.

Manifold or bearing mounted units are available with conventional compression fittings or Push-In connectors which considerably reduce installation time

Recommended Lubricant:

Oil 10-1800 cSt/NLGI Grade 000 fluid grease

Operating Pressure: 10-30 Bar

Discharge range: .03 .06 .10 .16 .25 .40 .60 cc